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Sacristan Required for Fermoy – Click here for details

Public Mass will resume in our parish tomorrow Monday at 10am but for the time being we ask that you pre-book your attendance at Mass so that we do not exceed the government limit of 50 persons. This is not an ideal arrangement but unfortunately we have to be patient with current circumstances. Pre-booking of Mass attendance may be done through the parish office. Livestreaming of our Masses will continue on our parish website for the time being.

For the time being public Masses will take place in our parish every weekday at 10am in St Patrick’s church only. Next Saturday evening the Vigil Mass will take place in St Patrick’s Church at 7.30pm. Next Sunday and for the foreseeable Sunday’s, all Sunday Masses will take place in St Patrick’s Church (and none in Queen of Peace Church). This is to facilitate the stewarding and seat arrangement that needs to take place. Next Sunday therefore the public Masses here in St Patrick’s Church will be at 8.30am, 10.30am and 12 noon.

Ministers of the word and ministers of holy communion will not be needed for the time being.

Stewards will be employed at our Masses to assist people with seating arrangements and social distancing.

The parish office has now re-opened to visit or phone (Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 12 Noon). Please use the parish office to pre-book your attendance at Mass.

Even though public Masses are now resuming across the country the moral obligation to attend Sunday Mass and Holy Days is still, for the time being, dispensed, because the pandemic is still ongoing.

The sacrament of Confession has resumed in our parish. Yesterday Fr Brian and myself spent a long time hearing confessions at 12 o clock in the Blue Nuns Parish Centre where social distancing was applied. Confession will take place again at the Blue Nuns Parish Centre next Saturday at 12 noon.

The Sacrament of Baptism has now resumed and parents may contact the parish office to arrange same.

First Holy Communion ceremonies in May have been postponed. New dates will not be set until there is more clarity about the end of the Covid 19 restrictions. Thank you for your patience.

Daily Broadcasts:
Each Day, 10am, Holy Mass (preceded by Rosary at 9.40am)
Sundays, 10.30am Mass (preceded by Rosary at 10.10am)
Sundays, 7.30pm Benediction



Fermoy Catholic Church No 1 current a/c ( Day to day running of the parish)
[BIC: BOFIIE2D] [IBAN; IE36 BOFI 9028 6411 8909 34]

Fermoy Catholic Church No. 2 a/c ( Dues a/c; Spring/Easter/Autumn/Christmas Station offerings for payment of Priests salary etc)
[BIC: BOFIIE2D] [IBAN; IE79 BOFI 9028 6495 9901 30]

For those who want to send in Spring or Easter Station Offerings you may put your offerings in the letterbox of the Parish Centre (Blue Nuns House), either the front door letterbox or backdoor letterbox. Any donations for the upkeep of the church may be made in the same way.

Appeal (click image for details):

*** St Vincent De Paul, Fermoy, Emergency Number: 0867831728 ****

Telephone Number for ALONE organisation for the elderly who are may be vulnerable: 0818 222 024. We encourage you to be mindful of those in your area who are vulnerable.

We are sorry to have to inform you that all public Masses in Fermoy parish have been cancelled until further notice. The priests of the parish will continue to celebrate Masses privately – and will broadcast these Masses over the internet (on this website).


Keep checking this page for updates. Stay safe! And let us pray that this virus will soon be defeated 🙏
The Adoration Chapel in St Patrick’s Church has been closed until further notice. All meetings at the Parish Centre have also been advised to cancel.
The bringing of holy communion to the housebound has been suspended.

Thank you for your patience,

In Christ, and in union with His Blessed Mother,

Fr Brian Boyle. Fr Eamon Roche. Deacon John McCarthy.

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Week Day Mass Live stream of mass at 10am Monday to Saturday. Stations of the Cross, 3pm Monday to Saturday. Pastoral Reflection, member of the parish clergy,

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Opening Hours: Monday to Friday, 9.30 am to 12 Noon.

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