Baptism Preparation

Baptism Preparation

Baptisms are celebrated on a Saturday one weekend at 4.30pm and on Sundays the following weekend at 1.30pm.

Baptisms can be booked by completing a Baptism Application Form.

Completed forms need to be returned to the church or to one of the priests of the parish at least one week before the date of the Baptism.

On the week of the Baptism, a member of The Baptism Preparation Team will call (by appointment) to your home to help you in your participation of the Sacrament.

Download Baptism Application Form

CELEBRATION OF BAPTISM 2016/2017Saturday 4.30 pmSunday 1.30 pm
Nov 5th SaturdayMarch 19th SundayJuly 23rd sunday
Nov 13th SundayMarch 25th SaturdayJuly 29th saturday
Nov 19th SaturdayApril 2nd Sunday August 6th Sunday
Dec 3rd Sunday
April 8th SaturdayAugust 12th Saturday
Dec 11th SaturdayApril 16th Easter SundayAugust 20th Sunday
Dec 17th SundayApril 22nd saturdayAugust 26th Saturday
Dec 25th No BaptismApril 30th SundaySeptember 3rd Sunday
Dec 31st Saturday
May 6th SaturdaySeptember 9th Saturday
Jan 8th SundayMay 14th SundaySeptember 17th Sunday
Jan 14th Saturday May 20th SaturdaySeptember 23rd Saturday
Jan 22nd Sunday
May 28th Sunday
October 1st Sunday
Jan 28th Saturday June 3rd Saturday
October 7th saturday
Feb 5th Sunday
June 11th Sunday
October 15th Sunday
Feb 11th SaturdayJune 17th Saturday
October 21st Saturday
Feb 19th Sunday
June 25th Sunday
October 29th Sunday
Feb 25th Saturday July 1st saturdayNov 4th saturday
March 5th Sunday July 9th SundayNov 12th Sunday.
March 11th SaturdayJuly 15th SaturdayNov 18th saturday