Fermoy Parish Newsletter

30th Sunday in ordinary Time

27th October 2018

Parish Website:   www.fermoyparish.ie

Fermoy parish office Tel 025 30856

Opening Times 9.30 am to 12 Midday

Priest on Sick Call Duty: Tel: 087-2552276

The Offertory Collection is for: Parish Office/Parish Centre Expenses

Last weekend’s Door Collection €1340

Last Weekend’s Offertory Collection €1935

The Blessed Sacrament Chapel: The following hours need help/backup with another person in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel.

Monday 8am to 9 am, Monday 10am to 11am, Monday 12 noon to 1pm,                                          

Tuesday 9pm to 10pm URGENT             Wednesday 12 Noon to 1pm                                                 

Wednesday 9pm to 10pm,Wednesday 1pm to 2pm, Friday 8am to 9am                                                                                                                        

  Friday 7pm to 8pm, Saturday 1pm to 2pm,Sunday 11am to 12 noon,       

Saturday 4 to 5pm,        Sunday 1am to2am Back up with another person.                                                                                                                                                                      

  If you can cover any of these hours, please let Trish in the parish office know

1st November Feast of All Saints a Holy Day Of Obligation: Friday next is The Feast of All Saints. Vigil Mass on Thursday at 7.30pm in St. Patrick’s. Masses on |Friday 1st Nov. at 8.30am in The Queen of Peace Church and at 10.30am and 12noon in St. Patrick’s Church.Please note there will be no 7.30pm Mass on Friday 1st November.                                                   

  2nd November All Souls Day:  Saturday 2nd November. Mass in St Patrick’s Church at 10 am & 7.30 pm                                                                  

Valley of Peace prayer Group Fermoy: Our first Prayer meeting will be held on Thursday 31st October at 8.30pm in The Parish office (formely Blue Nuns). All welcome                                                                                                                                                                                         

  1st Friday/Saturday – Vigil of Reparation in Adoration Chapel. Starts 8.30 p.m. to 1.30 a.m. Mass at 12 Midnight. All welcome                                      

Everyday God: Monday 27th October at 8pm in the Parish Centre. An Evening of meditation, prayer& music to celebrate the presence of God in our daily life. Cost €5. All welcome                                                                                        

Church Door Collector’s: Thanks to Group Four who collected for the month of October Group One can take up duty on the 3rd November

1st Friday Calls: As the 1st Friday is falling on a Holy Day, the Priests will do their house calls on Thursday 31st October.   

   Masses for the Faithful Departed: The   November Envelopes and Lists   for   Masses for the Faithful Departed are available at the back of the churches. Please include the names of your loved ones you want to remember on these lists. Bishop Crean and the Fermoy Priests will   offer 12 Masses each for those named on The November List of The Dead. Envelopes & lists can be returned anytime during the month of November                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

  The Annual November Remembrance Mass: The Annual Mass for those who died in Fermoy Parish during the past 12 months will take place in St Patrick’s Church on Friday 15th November at 7.30pm. If any family have any relatives who died in the past 12 months that lived in Fermoy & you wish to have them remembered at this mass please contact the parish office by Friday 8th Nov. 025 30856                                                                                                               

 November Visits & Prayers in Fermoy Cemeteries: The Annual visits & prayers to our cemeteries will take place on Sunday 3rd November.  Castlehyde Cemetery at 3 pm;   Kilcrumper Old at 3.20pm   approx. which will be followed by Kilcrumper New graveyard                                                                              

 The words “The Lord be with you” have been spoken to many people in the Bible and the future of God’s people was dependent on how well this individual answered the call and played his/her part. Each of us has a role to play that no-one else can play but if you feel overwhelmed or inadequate know that “The Lord is with you”. You walk in the footsteps of people like Moses, Joshua and Our Lady so trust in the Lord’s help. HE will make up for whatever is lacking in us                                          

  Fermoy Musiacal society: Present South pacific. The show runs in the palace theatre Fermoy, November 2nd to the 9th excluding WednesdayTickets are available from www.gr8events.ie/fms19 or call Box Office 0862499721                            

   HEALTH & WELL BEING TALK Free talks: Kasia Stubba, Fermoy Community Drugs Worker with CDYS is the speaker on Thursday 31st October in St Francis Day Centre on Rathealy Rd .11 – 12noon.  Contact Jacinta 085 8742320. Items of a Religious or Community Nature: Are welcome for this Parish Newsletter. Notices should be given in by Wednesday Afternoon to The Parish Office (Tel 025-30856) or email info@fermoyparish.ie




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