Confirmation 2022

APPLICATION FORM: Sacrament of Confirmation, 2022

God’s blessings on you and your family as you prepare your child to receive the Sacramament of Confirmation in 2022.

Dates of Confirmation Ceremonies (All ceremonies in St Patrick’s church):
  1. Mar 29th, 10.00am: St. Joseph’s National School
  2. Tue 5th April, 10.00am: Bishop Murphy Memorial School & Presentation Primary School
  3. Wed 6th April, 10.00am: Gaelscoil de hÍde
  4. (Note: the time was originally set at 11am, but this has now changed to 10am).

The practical task of preparing your child for receiving the Sacrament is divided between the following groups:

  1. You the parents,
  2. The child’s school teachers,
  3. The parish, as led by the clergy.

The role of the school teacher (No. 2 above) is ongoing and we are grateful to our schools for the support that they give. However, in order that No. 1 (the role of the parent) and No. 3 (the role of the parish) are aided, Fermoy Parish is now running a Short Course that we would like you and your child to engage with. Such a course was delivered last year and was successful.

Details of Short Course:

  1. Online ZOOM session, 40 mins, for parent(s) and child on Wed Feb 16th at 7pm.
  2. Online ZOOM session, 40 mins, for parent(s) and child on Thurs Mar 3rd at 7pm. (changed from Wed to Thurs)
  3. Online ZOOM session, 40 mins, for parent(s) and child on Wed Mar 16th at 7pm.
  4. Online ZOOM session, 40 mins, for parent(s) and child on Wed Mar 30th at 7pm.

In these zoom sessions, we, the clergy of the parish, with other support personnel will provide parents and children with instruction and guidelines related to receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation.

This SHORT COURSE also involves equipping you with a CONFIRMATION MANUAL, which contains some other notes relating to the Sacrament of Confirmation, which will help you, as parent(s), to engage in “home-activity” with your child in preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation. We will deliver the manual to you. The overall cost of the programme is 5 Euro, covering all materials. We will instruct you on how payment can be made after you apply and recive the booklet.

We ask you to FILL OUT the form below by the deadline of Friday 11th February.

We ask you to support these preparatory sessions that your family may experience the joy and peace of being disciples of Christ, as best we can in these difficult times. Even if your house is not internet-equipped we ask you to fill out the form anyay.

Yours in Christ,

Fr Brian Boyle, Adm. Fermoy
Fr Eamon Roche, CC Fermoy
This is the application form. Don’t forget to click SUBMIT at the bottom when you are finished. You only need to fill this out once. Please don’t re-apply if you have already applied before. Ring 086 9972539 if there are any difficulties.