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St. Patrick’s Church, Fermoy, Restoration Fund Appeal

St. Patrick’s Church, Fermoy, Co. Cork, Ireland, is a magnificent heritage landmark building situated on the Fermoy skyline overlooking the town of Fermoy and the Blackwater Valley. The church, in the diocese of Cloyne, is central to the lives of the Fermoy and surrounding communities since its completion in the 1820’s. It holds great memories for thousands of people who celebrated peak moments of their lives in this sacred place of timeless prayer and space, their joyful occasions - christenings, confirmations, weddings ,and also their sad occasions of grief and sorrow - their funerals.

Now, over two hundred years later, this place of worship and an architectural treasure, requires significant refurbishment and restoration both externally and internally. This appeal for finance, is to the diaspora of Fermoy in all parts of the world and to those near to Fermoy or connected to Fermoy in any way. Your donation will contribute to the careful restoration of this magnificent church. The focus is to retain its original architectural features and be a suitable memorial to our ancestors, who in the most difficult of times in our history, succeeded in building this church. It will ensure the continuation of St.Patrick’s Church, Fermoy for future generations.

Having spent thousands of Euro on necessary repairs in recent years, it became apparent that a full restoration was required for St. Patrick’s . We engaged a local Project & Commercial Management company, OCFMP, to carry out a detailed assessment of works required. The comprehensive 60+ page report comes with an estimated project cost of €1.8million.

Help us to bring our church back to its former glory by donating to ou Restoration Fund.

The project is planned in four phases.

Phase 1. Seal Building & Pinnacles Work. – €1.2m

This is the largest works element of the project and includes the removal, refurbishment & storage of 16 pinnacle statues, re-slating/waterproofing of the roof, external stone re-pointing, repairs/replacement of sewers, drainage and guttering systems and all associated external works.

Phase 2. Mechanical & Electrical Upgrade Works. - €285,000

The mechanical and electrical systems are dated and less than energy efficient. This phase involves the installation of a new mains distribution board, replace all cabling with current standard, install a new heating system and all associated works.

Phase 3. Mezzanine & Organ Areas. - €220,000

This is a wide ranging area that includes works to repair significant water ingress damage in a number of areas within the church, repair/replacement to wooden stairs to the galleries, investigate/repair to wood worm damage to timber floors etc, repairs to glass, lead and iron support bars on stained glass windows, repairs to window reveals, plasterwork and more.

Phase 4. Decoration & Finishes - €95,000

Repairs to cracking, crazing and paint flaking throughout the church, complete repainting & decoration off all walls & ceilings, remove carpet and expose floor tiles.

All works to be supervised by an appointed Building Conservation Accredited Surveyor.

The building of St. Patrick’s Church, Fermoy, commenced in 1810 and was completed in the 1820’s. Extensive improvements were made in 1867. Thankfully many of its original features survived the wave of modernization that took place in many old churches in more recent decades.
It is our wish to bring our church back to its former glory and pass it on in good order to the generations that will follow.

We have a dedicated, hard-working restoration committee and this GoFundMe appeal will form part of our fundraising efforts.

Help us to bring our church back to its former glory by donating to our Restoration Fund.